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We’re an award-winning global leader in period equality programming and advocacy.  


Bringing together young people held back by their periods and their allies to create change in their own communities and in wider society.


We work in the UK and in East Africa in partnership with our sister organisation Irise Institute East Africa.


We’re powered by our community, driven by evidence and committed to feminist leadership.

Every Period Counts

It's time to shift the shame!

We’re working with young people across the UK to call for action to end period poverty and shame in UK schools. Click below to find out how you can help

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Our Impact

Let's lift the world out of period poverty and shame together.


Young people supported to overcome period inequality


Organisations enabled to address period poverty and shame in their work


Organisations and groups part of the Irise community

Our Funders, Partners and Supporters

Just a few of the funders, partners and supporters who make change with Irise...


Our Awards and Recognitions

We're serious about high impact work.

  • Irise International received the Power Together Award from the Global Women Political Leaders Forum in 2019 in recognition of our contibution to building a global movement to end period poverty and shame.
  • We were named as one of the most effective organisations working to end period poverty and shame in the world in a 2020 report by Founder’s Pledge and The Kulczyk Foundation.
  • We were shortlisted for a UK Charity Governance Award in 2020 for our approach to Diversity and Inclusion and received a special mention for covid-19 response at UK The Charity Awards 2021.
  • Our sister organisation, Irise Institute East Africa has been formally recognised by the Ugandan Ministry of Education for their contributions to ending period poverty and shame in Uganda.

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Irise Voices

Hear from passionate people why Irise matters.

"Being able to support Irise has not only empowered myself and people that attend our events but also allowed me to help tackle a crises that can not simply be ignored.”

Josh - Volunteer

"Irise have always been as helpful as they are generous in sharing their substantial expertise to support the development of Dig Deep and our government partner's Menstrual Hygiene Management programme in Kenya."

Ben Skelton - CEO of Dig Deep

"From the start of my collaboration with Irise I have been impressed in that they do not just wish to help school girls but they wish to quantify the effect of what they do. This increases the impact of their work beyond the immediate girls who they assist and is a real strength of the charity."

Steven Julious - Professor of Statistics

"Irise are a world leader in menstrual health research and programming. Their integrity, evidence-based approach and genuine passion are the foundations of their work and I'm privileged to partner with them on a range of exciting projects."

Dr Dani Barrington - Menstrual Health Researcher

"Irise is the first community I have been a part of where I have felt completely open talking about periods; the supportive culture has provided me with an important safe space to break down my own internalised menstrual stigma."

Sophie - Advocacy Trustee

"I'm working with Irise to fight the stigma and taboo around periods because if people were more open to talking about periods when I was at school I wouldn't have been so worried! ”

Lizzie - Agent of Change

"I did not want to be with my friends, I would sit alone, but since Irise came and taught us, I feel free, I be with my friends”

Lukia - Ugandan Schoolgirl

"After learning and understanding menstruation with Irise, all I wanted to do was to let people know that it is something to be proud of not to be ashamed."

Sam - Ugandan advocate

"Using Irise International’s menstrual education material, we were able to speak with the community about menstruation. I was so happy to share this with them and to empower them to escape the fear and worry that used to come with every period.”

Joannie - Irise Trustee